Solution Messaging for Marketing

Solution Messaging is a methodology that helps Marketing departments tackle the issue of aligning many customer problems, causes, impacts, negative consequences, and requirements to the deliverables of the product marketing department. Managing a wide variety and quantity of solution components, positive consequences, customer segments and buying sponsor types also adds to the complexity. When the increasing rate of new offerings and markets is thrown in to the mix, teams must adapt and move quickly. The Solution Messaging program gives you the knowledge and skills to manage a repeatable process to simplify condensing problems into meaningful set of high-level Critical Business Issues and building a Solution Messaging Card for each Critical Business Issue.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Understand the true value of the solution they are selling
  • Establish credibility with buying audiences through understanding key business realities and trends
  • Create effective, opportunity-specific Job Aids for key solutions
  • Describe “how buyers buy” and the impact of your message and positioning
  • Lead customer-centric solutions, not “pseudo-solutions”
  • Align your product marketing deliverables to the sales process
  • Identify strong differentiators for your product or solution
  • Define a playbook for product launches and sales training
  • Enable sales reps with high-value conversations about products and solutions with line-of-business buyers

Learning Modules: 

  1. Solution-Centric: defining and framing the challenge
  2. What marketing needs to know
  3. The sales process and the relevance to marketing
  4. The buyer’s process
  5. Solution Messaging Process
  6. Identifying solutions
  7. Develop solution messaging platform
  8. Create solution cards

Delivery Modes, Duration, and Languages:

Instructor-Led Workshop:
Duration:  1-day develops one-set of Solution Selling® Sales Tools for one solution


Materials in English
Instruction spoken in 7+ languages