Sales Management and Coaching

Sales Management and Coaching shows sales leaders how to accurately analyze sales opportunities and pipelines, and to coach salespeople to higher levels of performance.The management approach leverages terminology and concepts from Solution Selling Sales Execution. This offering focuses on actions that help management drive revenue attainment and day-to-day execution of the sales process by the sales team. The program contains a mixture of modern analytical techniques and management best practices for analyzing pipelines, opportunities and coaching needs.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Get an accurate status of opportunities based on pipeline milestones
  • Develop a tactical plan to help salespeople win opportunities
  • Identify specific selling problems (opportunity and skill) that hinder sales productivity
  • Apply focused coaching with actionable items
  • Apply a “management-by-exception” approach to increase management productivity
  • Anticipate and avoid quota attainment (shortfalls)
  • Increase forecast accuracy

Learning Modules:

  1. Key Management Activities in the Sales Process
  2. Opportunity Analysis and Management
  3. Pipeline Analysis and Management
  4. Opportunity Coaching and Skill Coaching
  5. Adopting the Sales Process

Delivery Modes, Duration, and Languages:

2 hour format
Language: English

Instructor-Led Workshops

1-day with Sales Execution prerequisite
1.5-day standalone
Languages: Materials in English plus, Chinese, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Spanish
Instructor spoken in 14+ languages


Available from McGraw-Hill in Multiple languages, hardcopy and eBook (Kindle, Secure PDF)
The New Solution Selling
The Solution Selling Field Guide