Life Sciences Training

EBS 1Evidence-Based Solution Selling® Program

Evidence-Based Solution Selling: Addressing the New Reality

To address the new sales paradigm that is rapidly emerging in Life Sciences, Sales Performance International has integrated best practices from two state-of-the-art sales training methodologies – Solution Selling® and Evidence-Based Selling®.

The new offering, Evidence-Based Solution Selling® has been specifically designed to meet the changing definition of value in Life Sciences sales scenarios. It offers the clinical expertise that sales professionals need to increase access, credibility, and market share. Evidence-Based Solution Selling® is an application-based training program based on a validated competency model. The training uses a multi-step process based on Bloom’s Taxonomy to build, reinforce and solidify highly effective clinical selling practices. This process includes pre-work for knowledge acquisition, an 8 hour instructor lead training class for skills practice, and post training reinforcement tools for managers.



 ILT Workshop

 Post Workshop Reinforcement

• Knowledge acquisition
• 4-6 hours
• Interactive exercises
• Concept application
• 1-day course
• Exercises increase in complexity
• Course corrections
• Skills development
• Exercises for group and individual use


Skills You Master With this Program

By learning the language of the healthcare provider and focusing on patient-outcomes, you provide value to the HCP, build credibility and gain access. Through a series of activities, you will be able to:

  • Understand the principles of EBM how HCPs use them to make clinical decisions
  • Leverage clinical evidence to create compelling, patient-centered sales calls based on treatment effects
  • Adapt questions and calls to uncover HCP needs
  • Demonstrate how a product will impact the healthcare provider’s practice and patients
  • Critically Appraise a clinical study for validity and usefulness
  • Demonstrate the validity of a study through appropriate study design
  • Translate statistical significance into clinical relevance
  • Identify key study findings and how they support key selling messages
  • Leverage clinical evidence to answer difficult questions from healthcare providers
  • Plan and practice Evidence-Based Solution Selling in a call


Fully and Easily Customized to Your Brands, Studies, Sales Models and Terms 

  1. Evidence-Based Solution Selling® content is customizable. All content can be branded appropriately, adapted to your sales model, and sample studies and terms can be drawn from your own brands.
  2. Evidence-Based Solution Selling® is the most widely recognized and used clinical sales training curriculum in the industry. You can be confident that the Evidence-Based Solution Selling curriculum will provide value to your organization. Its roots are based in the first clinical sales training curriculum in the industry – and has maintained its leadership position through continuous feedback and improvement ever since.