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We Solve Sales Problems

After 20 years of working with the world’s leading companies, we’ve seen every type of sales problem – and we can help your organization solve them.  We have the methodology, content, and courseware to address all of your selling challenges.


Your Sales Problem

How We Solve It


Wasting time on the wrong prospects… Our targeting and qualification content teaches how to use objective techniques to target the most promising.
Strategic sellers aren’t realizing revenue potential in major accounts… Our account strategy and planning content teaches how to optimize revenue and relationships in major accounts.
Difficulty generating leads and creating interest with new prospects… Our foundation and advanced business development and prospecting content provides a consultative process for interest stimulation.
Sales people are not viewed as consultative or as trusted
Our problem diagnosis model and vision creation content build consultative and value-based selling skills.
Frequent “no decisions” after lengthy sales cycles… Our sales execution content teaches how to access decision makers and control sales cycles in order to drive buying decisions.
Caving on price and struggling to sell value… Our sales execution and advanced negotiation content teaches how to position differentiated value early in the sales cycle in order to minimize concessions at the end.
Difficulty accessing power and selling to top executives… Our sales execution and executive-level selling content shows strategies and tactics for identifying what is important to top decision-makers and how to have effective conversations around it.
Sales presentations aren’t turning into sales often enough… Our advanced presentations content covers all facets of effective presentation giving including how to use visual aids, how to structure content and how to deliver it dynamically.
Forecasting is unreliable and remains a mysterious art… Our pipeline and opportunity management content provides a structured
way for assessing the real status of opportunities that helps take the
ambiguity out of forecasting decisions.